Bradis, also offers a full programme of conferences led by the best specialists, whether they are service providers, consultants, brewers or distillers. We want each conference to provide operational and concrete solutions and/or that they be transversal between the world of beer and spirits.

Brewing, distilling, a world of opportunities

A brewery produces beer and a distillery produces spirits. With the boomof kefirs, kombuchas or sakes, not to mention numerous non-alcoholic drinks, this is no longer always true today.

Export, the promised land

Sometimes, national success needs international recognition. It often starts with a medal in a competition far away from your homeland, but how can you really do business at export, this path strewn with pitfalls?

Alcohol-free, the recipes for success

Non-alcoholic and very low alcoholic drinks are on the rise. Whether you are an existing brewery or distillery or a new brand, what are the challenges in terms of production and positioning? On the production side, the techniques differ. In terms of promotion…

The challenges of saving water and energy

Water and energy are becoming life and death issues for brewery and distillery operations. However, the owners did not wait for the subject to become politically correct or interesting from a marketing point of view to save money. How to do even more…

Cultivate and store yeasts

As an important factor in the constitution of the taste or in the local identity of a beer or a spirit, indigenous yeasts cultivated at the place of production can prove to be a valuable asset.

Winemakers, a new family of brewers and distillers

Whether they are polycultivators looking for better value from their harvest (fruit or cereals), keen to diversify their activities to limit climatic risks or keep busy throughout the year or simply an entrepreneur at heart , more and more winemakers are producing beer…

Diversification, the new challenge

More and more breweries or distilleries are diversifying into categories related to their original know-how and leaving their comfort zone. The beers age in wood, mix with grapes or become alcohol-free. Breweries also produce soft drinks or even kefirs, kombuchas or sake. Distilleries…